Civil Engineering

Kozmek has extensive expertise in landscape design and management to enhance any property’s aesthetics and practicality. Our commercial landscaping and residential landscaping services makes a huge difference to how a property or a region looks and feels. We have an experienced team of professionals who are familiar with the latest trends in landscaping and horticulture. Following the best practices to make sure that our services really make a difference, we offer top notch landscape design and maintenance services.

Civil Engineering Overview

Kozmek Engineering is focused on providing the full spectrum of civil engineering services permitting for all of our private, commercial, federal, institutional, and municipal clients. We are committed to providing high quality services within project budget and schedule constraints. Our professional services meet our clients’ unique and diverse needs while maximizing sustainability and minimizing environmental impacts.

Civil Engineering services provided by Kozmek Engineering include:

Civil Engineering – Architecture and Interior

Kozmek specializes in high-end residential and hospitality interior design. With unrivalled experience and profound grasp of creative agility, our designed spaces offer a unique immersive experience that is perfect for the space and people. Our team of designers along with experienced execution teams create emotive modern interiors that are reflection of our client’s personality and aspirations. From mood boards, product selections to CAD drawing of furniture layout, we ensure that everything is as per your requirements. For a smooth and hassle-free experience, our in-house team take care of everything from searching, sourcing, and procuring both soft and hard furnishing solutions.

Civil Engineering – Infrastructures/Structure

Kozmek has extensive expertise in the development of infrastructure works and construction projects for public and private institutions around the world. Our work and experience is endorsed by our valuable clients and projects executed in various areas of activity. We offer comprehensive services adapted to the customer needs ranging from engineering, studies, design and construction to the sale, delivery and equipment installation, with the resulting training, maintenance and operation.

Kozmek has ability to carry out infrastructure projects in various capacities such as:

  • Highways, Roads and Tunnels
  • Bridges, Viaducts and Large structures
  • Airport and Railway Projects
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Water Treatment and Management
  • Environmental Restoration and Reforestation
  • Waste and Landfill Treatment
  • Urbanizations and Urban Infrastructure
  • Academic buildings and Embassies
  • Residential Buildings, and Parking Lots
  • Sports Infrastructure
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