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About us

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Driven with passion, Kozmek is eager to tread beyond horizons in congruence with new advances in the industry..


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“Founded in 2020, Kozmek Engineering is a technology company with the aim to democratize the benefits of Industry 4.0 revolution in Pakistan. Kozmek seeks to catalyse integration of Industrial Internet in our local industries to optimize productivity, cost effectiveness and sustainability. “


Kozmek aims to play a vital role in Pakistan’s strive towards industrial prosperity. Our target is; to reignite the spirit of innovation among local industries, to instigate the entrepreneurial zest and to push the local industries into the information age.


Within the next 50 years, we see small and medium scale industries across Pakistan to be connected to the Industrial Internet. Marginal improvements using intelligent systems in such industries can have a huge cumulative impact on the overall productivity and competitiveness of the industry. The result of Kozmek’s contributions would catalyse upward mobility in developing countries, where large part of the small and medium scale industries will be operated and controlled by the growing middle class. This will bring favourable result in economic as well as social development of our nation.

Kozmek aims to be the pioneers of industry 4.0 revolution in Pakistan. Our goal is to integrate IoT, 5G and Big Data in our local industries to optimize productivity, cost effectiveness and sustainability.

Moreover, Kozmek is keen to set its mark in the emerging technologies. Our E-Services and R&D Divisions ensure that our company is ready to take on new challenges keeping abreast of the advancing technologies including 5G and IoT.

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Kozmek Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a team of thoroughly educated and sufficiently experienced engineers. It is and will always be a matter of prestige and honour for providing premium quality services to our valuable clients.Our focus is and will always remain provision of appropriate quality products, precise installation ensuring safety and life long service. We assure you that your trust on Kozmek Engineering shall provide you appropriate

Kozmek employs cutting-edge industrial practices and equipment handling techniques to raise the standard of field services. We see ourselves as leading engineering company offering not only top class field services but also locally manufactured equipment matching international standards of quality. In addition, to stay up to date with international technology and market trends, we aim to develop and employ smart elevator solutions eventually connecting the existing systems to IoT based platforms. Through the implementation of PnP devices, IoT logic cards and sensors, Kozmek looks forward to completely transform the landscape of elevator industry.


Pakistan along with the 80% of the world lags behind in technology, especially industrial practices, and requires professionals to propel the industry towards technological advancements. Moreover, as the industries worldwide are adopting the Industry 4.0 revolution, this productivity gap is only expected to widen. The only way to compete globally is to evolve the local industries to match the efficiency levels of modern industries.

As the level of automation in the industries has significantly increased, the reliance on optimization of processing systems has become tantamount to achieve maximum productivity. Kozmek sees itself as a leading company in the Industry 4.0, working to provide tools for the small and medium scale industries to harness the potential of Industrial Internet. Moreover, our products and services strive to minimize carbon footprint of industries, while improving their efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, the advancements will encourage generation of aspiring entrepreneurs to innovate and create new opportunities.


Industry 4.0 is projected to add over $15 Trillion to global GDP by 2030, creating more opportunities yet making the industries faster, smarter, safer and environmental friendly. The major beneficiaries of these advancements will be small industries which are struggling to keep up with the established names of the industry due to lack of technology. Raising the productivity levels of small scale businesses would enable them to manoeuvre quickly to the demands of the market, grow steadily in the industry and have a better success rate against industry giants.

Between 2013 and 2030, 97% of the population growth is going to be in the developing countries. This rapid increase in population will put an enormous stress on the already scarce resources. Accommodating 1.2 billion in the global economy, yet mitigating climate change and reducing pollution is a global challenge for which we must prepare. Small scale industries will not only play an important role in providing opportunities in large numbers, but also in raising the living standards of people dependant on them. Moreover, it will also curb the dilemma of income disparity that comes as a result of rapid industrialization. Our focus is to bring the fruits of Industry 4.0 revolution to the small scale industries of the third world countries.

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