"Our adept engineers are capable of designing and delivering customized power management and protection systems including Auto Transfer Switches and surge protection systems according to the needs of domestics as well as industrial clients."

Generators are very crucial to everyday operations of businesses, so any sort of negligence can cause huge set backs to the customers, that’s why a reliable and responsible technical team on call is essential for such situations. Our experienced team provides a wide array of services ranging from regular monthly check up to complete overhauling, as well as installation and commissioning of generators as mentioned below.

As the energy crisis in the country looms, businesses are looking for a reliable energy backup system which can fulfil their requirements. The number of generators installed have boomed in the last decade as the businesses look towards alternative energy sources for uninterrupted operations.

Through our vast experience of working with leading brands, we have developed the requisite skill set in carrying out accurate and incisive lab tests . Moreover, our extensive experience of working with a wide range of generators, makes us capable of undertaking pre-emptive maintenance to ensure longevity and robustness of the vital equipment.


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